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Story Farm  - Equipment/Resources

Studio Space

3-Wall Green Screen Studio 

2 online Edit suites 

1 assistant edit station

1 Graphic/animation station

1 Board room

1 Equipment room

1 Toyota Sienna Mobile unit Van


Pre production


Research/ Media Graphics/ Animation Stations

Post-coordination - Printers etc...


3 wall Green Screen Studio with complete lights

Equipment Room


4 GoPros - 

GoPro rigs and Access.

2 stabilizers

1 gimbal

2 Canon Hd Camcorders

Canon Dslr 70d and cage

Sachler Tripod

2 Manfrotto Tripods


Kinoflo key light

5 Lowel tungsten and stands

Lighting grid w/ LED fill lights for Green screen

5 Portable LED lights and soft box, diffusion

Complete bounce/flagging kits


RE20 mic

Rode K2

Sennheiser ME66

Sennheiser G2 Wireless lavaliers

various wired lavaliers

2 Rode camera mount mics

3 Post production mics

Post Production

2 online Edit Suites

1 Screening Room

2 Avids

2 Adobe suite/ Premiere Pro

Colour Grading  - Ripple

40TB Raid drive

5 Transport drives

Narration recording booth

2 multi-track Tascam Mixing consoles


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