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Artistic Director's Vision

SWM Center film production process

Film Production at the centre will be shot with the end in mind

  1.    Prioritizing the tone and expression of the Artist's work.

  2.    Optimizing workflow and creative choices in post production.

  3.    Developing production/post-production templates for future films.


SWM Center example shoots

Cinematic Stage Performance

SWM centre studio lights, multi cam shoot with long lens, short depth of field and a wide screen aspect ratio (1.85:1).


This style is classical and cinematic with warm key lights, colours accent stage lighting. A cinematic wide shot (w/slow post-production zoom) is intercut with medium and extreme closeups that have short depth of field (blurred backgrounds with very directed focus). Gopros capture a multitude of CU angles while 2 manned cameras are constantly covering movement from stage Left and Stage Right.

Highly stylized Colour grading

3 point lighting with soft box, balanced lights in black studio with post-production colour grading.


This style is shot with the intent of having a specific colour grading added in post. The subjects are filmed with lighting that speaks to the tone of their music. Generally, the key and fill lights are soft, the backlight is dramatic and the background is dark. There is less of a sense of the musicians being on a stage but rather the focus is on their faces and performances. All lights are tungsten balanced (3200k) so that colour can be optimally manipulated in post-production...whether its desaturated, bleach by- pass, Kodachrome, film look, etc.... Addition lights, cropping and frame manipulation can also be added.

Run and Gun shooting style

Highly dynamic and raw filming, emphasizing nuanced movement.

This style breaks the fourth wall. The SWM stage is opened up to the entire room and there are 2 manned cameras filming on tripods from outside the performance circle, 1 high angle fixed go pro, 2 low angle fixed go pros and 1 A-camera on a stabilizer (cameraman dressed in black) in the middle of the performance circle. The feeling is that we are active participants in the circle with the band. The editing is tight and emphasizes the organic movement from player to player, camera to camera.

SWM Featured Artist film

The SWM featured artist film is a 3-10 minute film with a 3 act story structure. The featured artist's musical journey is interwoven with a personal story that reveals the person/people behind the music.


1) Pre-title tease is fast paced eye candy with sound bites that highlight the theme, conflict, and passion of the featured Artist. Ends on a musical beat that throws to the film title.


2) Title: Captures the essence of the Artist's journey


3) An opening scene that defines the tone of the artist's journey. (i.e archival, verite footage in home or studio, something that reveals a passion/narrative/quality of character). This scene feature's the artist's music as a soundtrack only.


4) Slow build of verite/archival/interview footage with music as emotional support and sound ups that exemplify the Artist's musical journey.


5) Final act – The act features multi-cam footage of a featured song (with or without additional montage footage.)


6) The button – a final beat which creates a lasting note whether profound, pensive, or humorous.


7) A final Link page to an extended concert video of the Artist.

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