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Understanding your narrative

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

In Life, there are many choices to make.

Some choices, driven by desire, come with compromises that define our world.

Some, that are reactive, empower us by avoiding our inner world.... seeking objectivity.

And some, that surrender to a state of acceptance, have no judgement and only see “what it is”.

The Myth of Sisyphus

Sisyphus, condemned by the gods had to roll a rock up a mountain. Just before he reached the top, the rock’s overbearing weight would make its ways back to the bottom ...only for Sisyphus to eternally re-enact this pattern of rolling and tumbling.

The journey of Sisyphus is to surrender to an inner world that he ultimately makes peace with.

"The blue collar working for “the man”.


The Gods gave Prometheus Fire. As a guardian of such power, he manipulated and controlled the world around him making everything reflect his desire.

The journey of Prometheus was to find himself in a world where he was on top.

"Politician making laws with self-interest."


Proteus was the shape shifter. He was in a constant state of change. Like water he could never be cut down because his form would always adapt to the world around him.

The journey of Proteus was to find a sense of belonging by reflecting the world around him.

"griot mirroring my narrative"


The Living Portrait

In our lives there are patterns that occur, reoccur, and transform. Through narrative weaving, the "Character" reveals their life trajectory in film…

Narrative Building

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