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Entering the monastery of the “Resource filmmaker”

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Resource Film making is a new revolutionary approach to the film craft.

Historically the power of filmmaking was in the hands of wealthy gatekeepers that owned expensive equipment. The emphasis on was telling stories that were in the interest of an elite group of investors.  Even documentaries that had an agenda of truth seeking were often diluted when entertainment value had to sell tickets and increase ratings….

But within the last decade things have changed.  Content providers had a direct connection with their audience online and storytellers began creating content on a shoestring using rudimentary “Selfie” technology.

Now we are amidst a cultural-technological zeitgeist where “Access meets Craft”, where people are hungry for a new form of storytelling, where the multibillion-dollar 8K travelling crane shot is replaced with an iphone and $70 lav microphone that uses it’s sublime non-invasive, highly agile presence to unveil an intimacy never found before in Hollywood.

When access trumps resolution, and story trumps formulaic Hollywood scripts…we have the birth of the new genre of the craft called…. “Resource filmmaking”.

Resource filmmakers are equipped with an arsenal of lightweight portable rigs, lights, diffusers, reflectors, cameras, go-pros, gels, clamps, wrist band monitors, lavs, audio recording apps and much more all under the average cost of $200.

Resource Filmmakers are ninjas that read their subjects and environments and stealthily mold and adapt to support Story. 

Unconstrained by studio politics or broadcaster’s greenlights, Resource filmmakers create in a space where technical craft and imagination live together.

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